CSU Global Blog Post Guidelines

Our Submissions Process 

  1. Select a topic that fits into one of our four blog categories (see “Appropriate Topics” below).
  2. Submit your topic to news@csuglobal.edu, along with two samples of your writing.
  3. If approved, we’ll give you the go-ahead to write your blog.
  4. Review our blogging guidelines (below) and use them to write a blog for us on your approved topic!
  5. Submit your blog along with a photo and short bio of yourself.

Once you’ve submitted your blog to us, our copy editor will review it. You’ll then have the opportunity to accept the editor’s changes and make any final revisions before we publish your blog to our website.

Guidelines — keep these in mind when crafting your CSU Global blog:


The purpose of the CSU Global blog is to provide information on topics that nontraditional students and alumni will benefit from. 

Appropriate Topics

Whichever topic you settle on, it needs to fit into one of our four blog categories:

  • Career-Relevant: These blogs should share general information you’ve learned with other students and alumni. Think about topics on upskilling, landing a job, being promoted, career-switching, entering the workforce after years off, and so forth.
  • Student Life: Topics will cover tips from your learning experiences as a student, such as study tips, how to get the most out of an online education, resources you’ve found, how you landed scholarships, etc.  
  • Community: These stories should serve to inspire other students and alumni — think about them as though you’re building camaraderie. Are you a single parent? A veteran or active servicemember? Tell us how you’ve turned challenges into triumphs and how pursuing a CSU Global education has played a role in your success. 
  • Work-Life Balance: Because pursuing higher education while working and/or raising a family is often a balancing act — especially for our students — we want you to share your tips and tricks for not just maintaining your sanity but for thriving. Topics can include such things as productivity hacks, how to stay focused, time management, including your family in your education, and so forth.

Word Count

Blog posts should be 350 – 750 words long. 


Write your blog to current and prospective students and alumni.


Please cite your sources as links within the post — or, if you’re referencing a print publication, share the title of the work.

Some common questions about guest blogging:

What’s the benefit of contributing to the CSU Global blog?

Your blog post will make a great addition sample to your professional portfolio. We do not provide compensation for blog posts, but we will work with you to create a short bio that will be displayed at the end of your post. In your bio, we can include a link to your blog and/or website if its content is appropriate and consistent with the values of CSU Global. 

Will my blog be edited?

Yes, we copy edit blog posts we receive and review. We’ll send you a copy of your revised post for your final approval before we publish it to the blog. 

When will my blog content get posted?

After discussing and confirming your topic, we will add your content to our editorial calendar. We plan our calendar ahead of time and typically schedule contributors’ posts in the order in which we receive them, so your post may not be published immediately after completed. We will send an update to you once your post has been scheduled on the calendar.

Do you share the blog content elsewhere?

We usually share our blog posts through our regular social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Occasionally, we will include them in newsletters that we send to students, alumni, stakeholders, and affiliates. 

Questions? Reach out to us at news@csuglobal.edu. We’re happy to help, and we look forward to having you as a contributor!


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