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Degree Specialization in Strategic Communication

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Excellent oral and written communication skills are a must for almost every job in today’s business world. This program will give you practical, quantifiable skills in advanced internal and external communication.

Powerful communication is a vital skill in today’s business world. Develop superior oral and written communication skills, for both internal and external messaging, with an online certificate or specialization in strategic communication.

You’ll learn critical thinking skills, technical communication techniques, brand-building and marketing strategies, conflict management methods, and more. These specialized strategic communication courses are designed to make any business professional more effective, and are especially suited to managers, leaders, and marketing specialists.


This program consists of five lower-division online strategic communication courses for a total of 15 credit hours.

  • COM325 Mass Communication and Society
    COM325 Mass Communication and Society provides a critical examination of the influence and power of media upon culture and society. Mass communication institutions and their products affect how we perceive reality, influence our priorities, shape our identities, and frame our views of the world around us. Alternately the media are both shaped by our society and culture and tools in the hands of the audiences that use them.
  • COM335 Persuasive Campaigns
    In this class, students will learn about current-day work in persuasion and advocacy across health communication, corporate communication, human resources, advertising, public relations, interactive media, and media studies. To understand the relationships between theory, research, and practice, students will develop a campaign proposal that is grounded in both academic and original research. Students work collaboratively to create the proposal, which will be a professional document for a portfolio or can be developed as an applied project in advocacy within a field. This course is a replacement course for COM335 – Foundations of Strategic Communication as of the 19-20 Fall Trimester. Students cannot receive credit for both of these courses
  • COM400 Crisis Communication & Issues Management
    This course introduces students to the heart of strategic communication: organizational reputation and relationship management. Students will apply and expand theory to practice by learning how to make, justify, and assess the impact of organizational decisions on internal and external relationships, corporate image, reputation, ethics, and trust. This course is a replacement course for COM400 – Strategic Communication as of the 19-20 Fall Trimester. Students cannot receive credit for both of these courses. Recommended Prior Course: COM335 (This course is also offered through SSA. Credits earned using this option will appear on transcripts with an “S” suffix.)
  • COM425 Communication, Conflict and Persuasion
    This course examines communication and conflict in intrapersonal, interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational contexts. Topics covered include conflict styles and strategies for conflict resolution, including collaboration, mediation, and negotiation. The course also considers the role of persuasion in the management of conflict, particularly its role in successful negotiation. Major theories of conflict resolution and persuasion are also addressed. Recommended Prior Courses: COM310 and COM315
  • COM455 Technical Communication
    This course emphasizes the strategies and formats required for effective written communication in professional and technical fields. The course requires students develop clear, concise writing strategies in various formats (including manuals, proposals, statements, and white papers) geared to appropriate audiences, as well as the use of graphics and technology to effectively communicate technical information. Recommended Prior Course: COM300


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Why You Should Consider an Undergraduate Specialization

When you earn your bachelor’s degree through CSU Global, you can customize your degree to meet your professional goals and personal interests. With just five additional, lower-division courses, you can earn a specialization along with your bachelor’s degree. Similar to a minor, or degree concentration, an undergraduate specialization lets you explore a second area of interest. Provide proof that you’re dedicated and invested in the career you want with additional skills in the field.

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