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Message from the President

CSU Global Stakeholders,

The great community support networks that arose during the early days of COVID-19 was heartwarming and reflected the best of us as humans and as global citizens- all connected to defeat one terrible virus. And yet, today in our country we see that the racist behaviors of some can have awful and lasting consequences upon individuals, families, and communities as it divides our nation.  We have seen the good in mankind, and now the worst. I wish for the day that the goodness we are so capable of sharing extends into every area of our lives so that we can live harmoniously and productively regardless of any demographic factor that would negate our human value.  

We are fortunate that in our world at CSU Global, we have highly diverse faculty and staff who come together every day to equally serve students of all backgrounds and beliefs from around the world. The joy in collaboration and convening towards positive outcomes of our work for our students’ success is in great contrast to the current societal challenges, and yet they too must be addressed if we are to be a truly successful society. The environment and principles of higher education provide hope for all individuals, and I count myself lucky to be able to be part of that solution.


Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker

President, CSU Global



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