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CSU Global Launches Mobile App

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CSU Global launches mobile app allowing students access to coursework and accounts

In a truly mobile world students of Colorado State University Global (CSU Global) can now do their schoolwork from their smartphone or tablet on an app developed specifically to connect them to their courses and accounts. Online classes may have broken down the four walls of a classroom but this latest move is going farther to free the connection from the laptop and chair.

The app was released on August 1, and downloaded more than 1000 times in the first 48 hours. Utilizing in-app tracking shows that as of September 1st, the app was downloaded 3051 times; with 2765 total visits and 977 unique visits; 15,655 total activities within the app; and 21,784 total screen views. All of this activity demonstrates its value to the CSU-GlobaI 100% online curriculum and student population.

"One of the many reasons that I selected CSU Global Campus is because it delivers a 21st Century education in a contemporary, 21st Century way,” said Alan Vitello a current CSU Global student. “The new app is a visible (and very usable) reminder of the school's commitment to modern technology, and the educational needs of modern adults."

Initially created by the University’s student advising team in response to student requests for an optimized mobile classroom experience, the development team created the tool with an eye toward the University’s primary target student - the adult, nontraditional student-learner.

“Our students are working adults, so they need to be able to access their coursework anytime, anywhere,” said Maria Jump, Director of Student Advising. “We responded to their needs, incorporating schoolwork into their busy lives in the same manner our project-based classes are designed to use real-world situations to support their learning and career-relevant skills development.”

The mobile app creates access to courses through its connection to Schoology, CSU Global’s virtual classroom program used in every class as the format for this entirely online university. CSU Global is one of the three separate campuses in the Colorado State University System. It is the country’s first and only fully-accredited, public, non-profit, degree-granting university and an entirely independent and 100% online school; it is not an online program or department of a bricks and mortar institution,

“As experts in online delivery of courses to our students, we have the background and experience to make mobile access a viable option for our students freeing them to learn in the midst of their busy lives,” said Jump. Key features include course registration, academic calendar, CSU Global library, student advising, financial aid, help center, and 24/7 technical support.

The app underwent preliminary testing by a small group of students in July, whose feedback was incorporated into the final version launched in August. The mobile app is available for download in the ITunes and Google Play stores and is compatible with both mobile and tablet devices.

Colorado State University Global (CSU Global) is one of the three equally separate campuses in the Colorado State University System. As the country’s first and only fully-accredited, public, non-profit, degree-granting university it is an entirely independent and 100% online school; not a virtual option supporting a bricks and mortar institution. CSU Global offers career relevant bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for working adults and nontraditional learners. The University sets the standard for quality and innovation in higher education programs through its expert faculty who are recognized as leaders actively working in the industry they teach and trained to educate adults in an online learning environment. CSU Global offers a streamlined enrollment process with accelerated eight week courses that start every four weeks. Visit or call 1-800-462-7845 for more information.


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