Federal Financial Aid

As a Colorado State University-Global Campus student, you may be eligible to receive monetary assistance to help cover the costs of your continued education. Many students participate in some form for Financial Aid, which includes scholarships, grants, loans, and other educational programs, as a method of deferring education-related expenses or reducing overall costs. Use the sections below to learn more about financial aid options that are available to you, how to apply for federal assistance, and other information and requirements. 

U.S. Department of Education Experimental Site: CSU-Global is currently participating in a project with the U.S. Department of Education that may limit a student’s eligibility for the full amount of Direct Unsubsidized Loans. This experimental program, effective as of the 2013-2014 Winter-C term (starting 1/6/2014), allows the university to reduce the Direct Unsubsidized Loans for students who do not have enough federal student loans to cover all of their program costs. Please email FinancialAid@CSUGlobal.edu if you have any questions about this project or its affect on our students.