Online Certificate of Completion/Degree Specialization in ONLINE LEARNING INNOVATION & DESIGN

Online learning is opening new doors for busy adults who want to expand their career options, and for corporate training applications. New technology makes it possible for students to learn, do schoolwork, and even participate in discussions at any time and from any place, but it has its challenges, too. To effectively teach or design curricula for an online environment, you’ll need to understand how this learning process is different from that in the traditional classroom.

 This program is specifically designed for anyone who teaches adult learners online, or who designs online learning curricula for adults. You’ll learn what makes an effective instructional design in any medium, how to accurately evaluate student progress in a distance-learning environment, and how to make the most of the latest online learning technologies.

CSU-Global does not provide educator licensing or endorsement.

  • OTL531K: Models of E-Learning and Instructional Design
    This course introduces students to a variety of online educational learning methods and instructional models. In conjunction with the models, students will learn about the methodology of K-12 e-learning and how to construct the total educational package, from objective to outcome, resulting in the design of a research-based instructional model.
  • OTL540: Instructional Theory and Design Principles
    Introduction to instructional system design theories and models used in Pre-K-12 learning environments and non-traditional settings with a focus on backward design.
  • OTL541: Assessment and Evaluation in Learning and Performance
    Examination of methods and techniques for evaluation and assessment of workplace learning. Analysis of contemporary issues in today's learning environments.
  • OTL542: Learning Technologies
    Survey of methods and critical reflection of various current and emerging technologies for distance and digital learning, with emphasis on selecting appropriate technologies for effective instruction.


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